15 Beach Essentials For Toddlers

by Tara Saltzburg

Hey There, Summer Lovers!

Summer is here! 😎 👙 🐚 Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Go 'head with that summer bod, strut your stuff. Grab your book and get your tan on; it's time to relax.

Mischa Barton at beach

Oh you have a toddler? My b. You won't be doing that. 

No worries, we can at least help make your trip a little easier! The WB crew has lots of experience taking toddlers to the beach, so we've put together a list of some of our must-have kids' beach essentials.

Pack it up, Pack it In. Let me begin...

Must-have Products For Kids at the Beach


We love Snapper Rock. We highly recommended them in our Essentials for Baby post as well, but they carry sizes for all kids, including teenagers. Their swimwear has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 50+, the highest possible rating. Plus, their designs are super cute! Check them out here.

Toddler beach essentials Snapper Rock Swimwear

2. Beach Wagon

You're gonna need this, folks. You're gonna be carting a lot of crap, so we highly recommend a beach wagon to help you manage. Bless you, Amazon.

Toddler beach essentials beach wagon



3. Puddle Jumper Life Jacket

We like that the Puddle Jumper Life Jacket is US Coast Guard approved and has an extra flotation aid around the chest. It's great if you have a little adventurer that likes to wade a bit farther into the water. It's also a must-have for the pool or boat. You can find it here.

Toddler beach essentials puddle jumper life jacket

4. Horseshoes

An old school favorite and also one our our favorite kids' beach activities. You can find this horseshoe and ring toss combo set here.

Toddler beach essentials horseshoe and ring toss


5. Freezable Lunch Bags

These are amazing! They're lined with a freezable gel that's built right into the bag. They're perfect for packing lunches and juiceboxes. No freezer packs needed here! 

Toddler beach essentials freezable lunch bags

6. Spray Bottles

Nothing fancy here. Just good old fashioned spray bottles. Fill 'em with clean water and it will make removing sand from little hands much easier. 

Toddler beach essentials spray bottles

7. Babiators

I mean, is there anything cuter than a toddler in sunglasses?! It's never too early to start protecting those little eyes. Kids receive 3x more annual UV exposure than adults AND their eyes are more susceptible to sun damage. 

The Babiator frames are 100% UV protected, flexible and durable. You can find them here.

Toddler beach essentials babiators sunglasses

 They also make great Swim Goggles that are 100% UV protected.

Toddler beach essentials babiators swim goggles


8. SuperGoop Sunscreen

This is an all-around summer essential. We recently discovered this sunscreen and we. are. OBSESSED. We use this for ourselves, but it's also great for kids. It's mineral-based sunscreen that's free of parabens and Oxybenzone (a common chemical filter that has been found to be absorbed by the skin), which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. It goes on easily and doesn't leave skin feeling sticky and oily once it's applied. It's a little pricey, but it's worth it.  You can find it here.

Summer Toddler Beach Essentials Supergoop Sunscreen

9. "Clicker Crab" Toss & Grip Game

Did you know Melissa and Doug are real people? Adults, actually, and they have the coolest jobs in the world! Anyway, we love all of their kids' toys, including this twist on the old velcro ball toss game. It's a great kids' beach toy and it doesn't take up a lot of room in your bag! Find it here.

Toddler beach essentials clicker crab toss

10. Water Shoes

We really like iPlay water shoes. The flexible material and pull-loop make them easy to get on and off and their no-slip sole provide traction on slippery surfaces (which also makes them great for the pool).

Toddler beach essentials iPlay swim shoes


11. Laundry Basket or Mesh Laundry Bag

You may have seen this hack before, but it does make life a little easier. It's a great beach bag for kids toys. We actually prefer a mesh laundry bag, but all of the pictures we found show bags of dirty laundry. So, no picture needed. You can buy them anywhere.

12. Waterproof Blanket

We like this one by JJ Cole. It's also great for picnics, camping, or pretty much any other outdoor activity.

Toddler beach essentials JJ cole waterproof blanket

13. Beach Kite

Flying a kite is one of our favorite kids' beach activities. This octopus kite is wide enough for tiny flyers to manage and it's cute!

Toddler beach essentials octopus kite

14. Inflatable Pool 

Sure, it's ridiculous. But if you want a little time to chill, this is your answer. Although you are sheer steps from the sea, kids still love to park it in this bad boy and play, all while you watch from your beach chair. You can find it here.

Toddler Beach Essentials Inflatable Pool

Full disclosure, we've never used this, but it looks awesome. 

Toddler beach essentials tent and pool


15. California Baby Swimmer's Defense 

Another all-around summer essential that's perfect post-beach. This shampoo and body wash works to wash away drying agents such as sea salt. They added a bit of moisture to the non-stripping formula to soothe stressed hair and dry itchy skin. Check it out here.

cali baby swimmers defense

There you have it. Have a great beach day!

XO, Tara 

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