3 Layer Diaper Cake Tutorial

by Tara Saltzburg September 26, 2016

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So at WB, we like making diaper cakes — they’re fun and they’re great gifts. They’re also super easy and receivers always appreciate them.

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For now, here‘s how to make the the cake itself.

DIY Three Layer Diaper Cake

Here's What You Need:

  • 12 Inch Cake Pan
  • 8 Inch Cake Pan
  • 3 Wooden Dowels
  • Cake Base (optional)
  • Roll of Thin White Ribbon (we used 1/8 inch)
  • 3 Rubber Bands
  • 70–75 Size 1 Diapers 

Supplies for the 3 Layer Diaper Cake

Here's What You Do:

1. We’ll make the bottom layer first. You’ll need about 35–38 diapers. In the 12 inch pan, begin layering diapers on top of each other. Layer until the entire pan is packed tightly and you can layer the last diaper over the first diaper.

Layer one of the  3 Layer Diaper Cake

2. While diapers are still in pan, push rubber band over to secure diapers together. Remove from pan and get this amazingly satisfying diaper wheel.

Finished look of the bottom layer

3. On to the next! For the middle layer, you’ll need about 20 diapers. In the 8 inch pan, layer diapers in the same way as the bottom. Secure with rubber band and remove from pan. Voila!

4. The top layer can be a little tricky. You will need about 15 diapers. Unfortunately, a 6 inch cake pan is a little too small so we use the 8 inch pan again and use fewer diapers (15 or so). It takes a little messing with, but once the rubber band is on, you can adjust the diapers if needed.

You end up with these even more satisfying diaper wheels.

2 Diaper wheels for 3 Layer Diaper Cake

Hard part’s done!

5. We like to wrap thin white ribbon around all three wheels and cut the rubber bands off. It just looks a little nicer! You can also adjust the diapers again, if necessary.

Diaper wheel for the 3 Layer Diaper Cake

6. Stacking time! Create a small hole in the center of each layer. Put paper towel roll through bottom layer then stack middle and top layers.

bottom layer of diaper cake
middle layer of diaper cake

7. Lastly, insert wooden dowels through all layers to secure. This will take a little finagling. Make sure you insert the dowels in between two diapers.

secure with wooden dowels
Finished product for 3 layer diaper cake

Ready to decorate! Stay tuned for some cool ideas— we’re kinda creative.

PS -- When we decorate, we usually use pins instead of glue (we like all the diapers to be reusable). Because we use pins, we wrap the attached "Baby Bums" printable around the paper towel roll so no baby bums get hurt. Feel free to use it.

Printable: Baby Bums

XO, Tara

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