5 Must-Have Items From A Twin Mom

by Tara Saltzburg

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As a mom of one, the struggle is real. I've long exited the baby stage and am entering into the realm of the terrible twos. But as I think back to those countless diaper changes and endless feedings, I can't imagine wrangling two infants.

Enter Madison Walters: photographer and super mom to twins Finn and Mosley. She manages to juggle twins and her Alabama-based photography business, all while looking freaking fabulous! 

We sat down with her to hear about the must-have items that have gotten her through the past 8 months. Here are the top 5 twin items she couldn't live without:

1. Halo Sleep Sack Swaddles

Our twins couldn’t sleep without being swaddled, so we would swaddle them in blanket swaddles for the first couple weeks that they were home from the hospital, but in the middle of the night when we were exhausted, it seemed impossible to swaddle them back. The Halo Sleep Sack is so easy to use. You just zip it up and velcro across their bodies. Saves so much time after those middle of the night feeds and they also don’t break out of them!

2. Brest Friend Nursing Pillow or The Double Bop

If you're planning on breastfeeding your twins, I encourage you to do it, but it is NO JOKE! its a challenge for sure, but so great! I couldn’t have done it without the Brest Friend Pillow. It supported my back while nursing both at the same time and allowed me to not have to hold them. You still have to support their heads up a bit while they are newborns, but you get the hang of it pretty quick! I've heard great things about the Double Boppie as well! I would take it with me anywhere we went!

3. Ergo Baby Carrier

This thing has been a life saver for me! I literally cannot grocery shop without it! I just put the fussier baby at the moment in the carrier, and the other stays in the car seat and goes into the cart with the car seat holder (shout out to Publix who always helps this twin mama out and always has a cart with the car seat holder!) Seriously, this Ergo Baby Carrier is the ONLY way I can grocery shop!

4. City Select Double Stroller

I know there are so many great strollers out there for twins but we love our City Select!! It has adapters for any car seat brand, it fits the car seats top to bottom so its easy access in and out of doors, it folds up super easy and I like to run to exercise and has been a great jogging stroller! And we live on a gravel road!!

5. Owlet Monitor

I love our Owlets because at night when there are two newborns sleeping you feel like you constantly have to check on them both and the owlets have allowed my husband and I to just get a better peace of mind and know that we don’t have to check on them every 2 seconds to make sure they are breathing...this checks their heart rate and oxygen levels throughout the night!

Madison is a Birmingham, Alabama-based photographer and mom to 8 month old twins. For more on Madison, visit her website or follow her on Instagram

XO, Tara

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