5 Weekly Kid Dates

by Tara Saltzburg June 17, 2017

Hey There,

I've been thinking a lot about QT lately. Kids grow up fast, and sometimes iPhones, work, and hectic schedules get in the way of us actually seeing it. 

In the midst of all the chaos, it's easy for quality time to become limited to car-ride conversations and bedtime chatter. 

Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile. How 'bout a date?

Penciling in a scheduled "date" with each child is a perfect way to make sure you have uninterrupted, quality time. Even better, how 'bout something you can do week after week that's "yours"?

We've compiled a list of some cute, weekly kid "dates" that both you and your little one will look forward to. Unplug and just enjoy watching them be kids, while they still are.

Ideas For Weekly Kids' Dates

1. Create A Cookbook

Cooking with kids is so messy and fun! Allowing them to experiment and help create a recipe is rewarding. Set a weekly cooking night, let your inner clean-freak chill (we admittedly have a hard time with this) and just enjoy creating yummy memories. 

Weekly kid dates toddler cooking with mom

Even better, we created TWO printable recipe books and they're really cute. Let your little one pick which to use, print it out, and start adding to it weekly! 


2. Do A Science Project

Check out our Pinterest board for a ton of great toddler and kid science experiments. We love this growing seeds activity from "Playdough to Plato". Yup, watching seeds grow is pretty boring. But getting together each week to chat about it (or anything else, for that matter), makes it worth it.

Playdough to Plato toddler science experiment with seeds

3. Plant A Garden

Lookin' at you, "Green Thumb". Even if you kill every plant you encounter (not us), make it a weekly tradition to tend to a garden and learn how to care for it together. If you're great at keeping the green alive, pass that info on (and send it our way). Definitely get some overalls, because this kid... 😍😍😍  

Toddler with watering bucket in garden

4. Volunteer

Do something for the less-fortunate or the elderly. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, a nursing home, or Meals on Wheels. Volunteering teaches kids empathy and appreciation. QT + helping others = win!

little girl kissing elderly man


5. Have A Scavenger Hunt

Head here and check out 30+ scavenger hunts. Make each week a theme: colors, nature, sounds, recycling, alphabet; the possibilities are endless. PS -- also great for a road trip.

little girl holding leaf during scavenger hunt

Enjoy it!

XO, Tara