Dancing Fairy Birthday Party

by Tara Saltzburg May 11, 2017

Hey There,

So, this past weekend, I attended a 6th birthday party for one of our WB cuties and fell in LOVE with this cute little girls' birthday party idea! This fairy-themed party was held at a dance studio, so not only were there tiny cuties with wings and wands, but there was also some booty shakin'. Fairy Wings + Pizza + Pharrell = I'm In.

Girls' Birthday Party Idea: Fairy Dance Party

The birthday girl's mama spent the previous night preparing wings and headbands for 15 tiny fairies. She found the wings at Dollar Tree. They came with the glitter, but she added some flowers and jewels for a little extra fairy-flair. She decorated basic headbands with dollar store flowers and bought some inexpensive wands from Amazon.
Girls Fairy Birthday Party Wings On little girl
Girls Fairy Birthday Group of wings
Girls Fairy Birthday Party Headbands and wands
Girls Fairy Birthday Party Wings and headbands
The dance teachers were so energetic and the girls got to create their very own dance,
which they performed at the end of the party when all of the parents arrived.
Girls Fairy Birthday Party happy girls dancing with wands
Before their performance, they chomped on some pizza and birthday cupcakes.
Girls Fairy Birthday Party 6th birthday cupcake
Girls Fairy Birthday Party birthday cupcakes
Girls Fairy Birthday Party girls eating pizza
It's safe to say these little fairies had an amazing time...
Girls Fairy Birthday Party jumping happy girls
And there was one very happy 6 year old!
Girls Fairy Birthday Party happy birthday girl
What a great kids' birthday party idea; this mom nailed it!