DIY Holiday Gift Tags

by Tara Saltzburg

Hey There,

Hopefully you've all remembered to move your Elf on the Shelf nightly and have secured your coveted "Hatchimals" (This Sara Gruen story's got us like): 

Little Michelle from Full House

We're over here like WTH is a "Hatchimal"? Per Google, it is THE toy of the season, and is sparking chaos similar to that of our dear friend, Furby. 

Sigh. Miss you, 1998.

Anyway, we've been busy at WB -- our tiny WB elves have been working their buns off getting our kids' pajamas ready to show you all! Unfortunately, they won't be ready for this holiday season, but perhaps they will fill some of your gift boxes next year!

We do have some exciting news that we'll be sharing shortly; it involves this package:

Gift Tag for Children's Sleepwear

If you love this "You're On The Good List" gift tag, you're in luck -- there are 7 more! You can print them, cut them out, and use them for all of your gifts this year. All you need are scissors, ribbon, a hole punch, and paper (we used a light card stock).

Just click on the links below to download and print.

XO, Tara

(Updated January 2017: See What's In The Box!)

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