Father's Day Canvas Craft

by Tara Saltzburg

Hey There,

Dad's Day is just around the corner and I've been stalking Pinterest for some DIY crafts for dad. We found some really cute Father's Day gift ideas (Check out our board on Pinterest. While you're there, give us a follow 😊 ). We came across a little gem -- an easy canvas craft for kids of all ages! So we decided to try it out with the WB kids.

Full disclosure, we didn't think these would turn out this well! The kids had a blast and they were so proud of what they created! It's doubtful these will remain wrapped until Father's Day...

Fun and Easy Canvas Craft For Kids

Here's What You Need:

  • Canvas Board
  • Kids' Paint
  • Adhesive Letters
  • Double-sided adhesive, heart cookie cutter, marker (optional, we used this to make a heart on one of the boards)
  • Stenciling Tape (we used this and this)
  • Craft brushes (Forgot to put these in the picture. Our b.)
  • Acrylic Craft Coating/Sealer (not shown, we used Krylon Crystal Clear)

Craft Supplies for canvas art project

Here's What You Do:

1. Attach stenciling tape in random lines across the canvas board.

2. Use adhesive letters to spell out "Dad" or "I 💗 Dad"

3. Have kids paint away, covering the canvas fully.

Dad painted canvas gift

4. Let dry 1-2 hours. 

5. Remove tape and spray with acrylic sealer. Allow to dry.

Children holding Father's Day canvas crafts

These make super easy presents for dads. This Father's Day craft for kids gets a big, fat 👍.

XO, Tara 

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