10 Must-See Gender Neutral Nurseries

by Tara Saltzburg May 05, 2017

Hey There,

So I'm jumping on the neutral nursery bandwagon. The trend's really picked up over the past few years, and for good reason. Obviously, it makes for an easy transition if you have another baby. Even better, most of the gender neutral nurseries I've seen incorporate a healthy mix of whites and grays, which make them easy to transition if you'd like to mix it up with some flairs of color or different decor down the road. I'm fickle, so I like this.

Plus, they're super chic. (We've seen that word. A.Lot.)

So here you go. Our Pinterest perusing has lead us down yet another fantastic path. The gender neutral, chic baby nursery.

Check out what we found:

Ten Gender-Neutral Nurseries We Love

1. This "Ferngully"-inspired number from  Akin Design Studio. The wall decor is amazing (and we'd never think of it), but it could be easily replaced with something different if you're in need of some change down the road. 
Iron nursery white gender neutral nursery
2. This safari themed nursery by  Lay Baby Lay.
Just a little giraffe, not too much, and we appreciate that.
Gender Neutral Giraffe Nursery
3. This white nursery by  Paulina Arcklin. Ahhh, so white and fabulous. 
The drop ceiling takes it to a whole new level and we want it.
White Gender Neutral Nursery by Paulina Arcklin
4. This "boho chic" nursery. Well, we love it. These thumbprint-looking cacti give us #AllTheFeels.
Check it out at Richele and Syndey.
Gender Neutral Boho Themed Nursery
5. This "Cool, Calm, and Collected" color scheme = how we'd like to feel during hour 3 or trying to get baby to sleep.
Check it out at  Project Nursery.
Cool and Calm Gender Neutral Nursery
6. This gray, gray nursery. The decal brings a great visual element to
enhance the room and take away from the fact that it's very gray.
We love it! Thanks, Kathy Kuo Home!
Gray gender neutral nursery
7. This nursery for tiny boy and girl adventurers.
We love this decor that we found at  Style Me Pretty
Adventure Themed Nursery for both girls & boys
8. This woodland escape. Well, this is cozy. Find it at  Project Nursery.
Rustic Chic Gender Neutral Woodland Nursery
9. This understated, gray and white number we found at  Project Nursery.
Simple, yet amazing.
White and gray gender neutral nursery
10. This moon and stars nursery. Who doesn't wanna sleep under the stars?
Find the wall decal at  Decal Island.
Moon & Stars Wall Gender Neutral Nursery
Sleep tight, little dreamers!