5 Family Christmas Traditions We Love

by Tara Saltzburg December 01, 2017

Hey There,

Holiday traditions are something that can leave a lifetime of lasting memories for a child. Chances are, you remember most of the things you did around the holidays when you were little! Hopefully, you've continued those traditions with your own kids and created some new ones of your own. Here are a few faves from the WB team:

1. Book Advent Calendar

This idea was introduced to me this year and I LOVE it! My son and I read a few books every night before bed, so this was the perfect tradition for us to start this year. Collect 24 children's books (A few from your own collection with some new ones rotated in each year). Wrap them up before December 1st and each night, unwrap a new one to read together.


(Via Susan Weinroth)

2. Elf on the Shelf

Parents may joke about how maddening it can be remembering to move the elf each night, but the truth is, kids absolutely love this tradition. From silly poses to getting into the cookie jar, children enjoy waking up each morning to discover what the elf has been up to while they were sleeping.

3. Visit a Tree Farm

Sure, you could buy a Christmas tree from a vendor in the neighborhood, but you may want to consider bundling up the kids and heading to a local Christmas tree farm to start a tradition of cutting down the perfect tree. Typically Christmas tree farms are full of fun activities like hayrides, sleigh rides, and of course, hot cocoa.


4. Get Baking

Delicious family recipes are the key to making the holidays memorable. From cookies and sweet breads, to mashed potatoes and casseroles, baking with your children is a fantastic family tradition. Years from now when they are making the recipes in their own kitchens, one bite will bring back those memories.

5. Pick a Cause or Charity

During the season when there is so much focus on Santa and toys, you can help kids get in the correct mindset by encouraging them to pick a cause or charity they feel strongly about. From gathering canned goods to giving mittens to the homeless, there are plenty of ways kids can give on their own this holiday season.

What's your favorite holiday tradition? Share in the comments and let us know how you and your kids enjoy the season!