Let's Make Some Jammies: Fabrics, Design & Inspiration

by Tara Saltzburg

Our Journey To Create Premium Kids' Sleepwear:

Fabrics, Design & Inspiration

Welcome back!

Guess what? It's go time!

This week we had our project kickoff meeting! We met with the design team to chat about fabrics, garment design and colors for our upcoming kids' sleepwear line. Let's just say there's a lot to think about...

Designing Westyn Baby Pajamas


For the first run, we'll be creating a long sleeve set of baby pajamas, toddler pajamas & big kids' pajamas (up to 5T). My little one is usually in long sleeve sets so he doesn't get too cold at night. My goal is to find a fabric that's warm enough for the cold weather, but still light enough to be worn in the hot summer months. My other main priorities for the fabric are comfort and stretch.

After perusing a LOT of options, we found a fabric that will satisfy all of my requirements; it's a Modal/Lycra blend that I think will become a staple of the WB brand!


Using the chosen fabric, the team started taking my ideas and developing the patterns and specs. Once that's finalized, they'll create a tech pack (a packet of info that relays all of the necessary components of garment construction to the manufacturer). It's amazing to see the ideas come to life! 

Color Story & Inspiration

We started to develop a "color story" (a palette of colors) for our first collection. Once these colors are decided, the manufacturer will dye the fabric to match those exact colors. The industry standard is a coloring system called "Pantone" -- there are almost 2,000 Pantone colors, so narrowing these down to a select few will be tough! We'll be keeping the colors soft and light. My goal is that WB children's pajamas will have an identifiable look and a variety of soft hues that can be mixed and matched. 

We also chatted about prints and started collecting some inspiration from other prints that we like. We'll have at least one print in the first line; figuring out what that print will be is going to be hard, but I have a few ideas :). I'll have to reach out to our graphic design guru, Maria, for some help!

Westyn Baby color Palette ideas

Westyn Baby color Palette ideas

That's all for now! 

XO, Tara

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Tara Saltzburg

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Tara Saltzburg founded Westyn Baby when her son was an infant battling severe eczema. She was always on the lookout for products that would minimize the irritation and ease his discomfort, but safe, non-irritating pajamas proved difficult to find. Tara started Westyn Baby in 2016 with a mission to create better, safer sleepwear for kids - sleepwear that's exceptionally soft, flame-retardant free, sensitivity-friendly, and durable. Read more about WB sleepwear.

Tara was born and raised at the NJ shore and attended Penn State University, where she played soccer and discovered her love of mountain life. She is a mom of one boy and hopes to eventually have enough kids to form some sort of athletic team. She and her family currently reside in Central Pennsylvania and spend the summers in Stone Harbor, NJ.