Let's Make Some Jammies: Launch Time!

by Tara Saltzburg August 17, 2017 1 Comment

Our Journey To Create Premium Kids' Sleepwear:

Launch Time!

Welcome back!

We recently received 10 fabulous boxes! I was anxiously awaiting the UPS driver and her crazy-meter was probably off the charts as I ran toward her brandishing my scissors and exclaiming that I'd been waiting for the packages for a year and a half.
Since they've arrived, we've been busy going through each pair to make sure that when these little girls' pajamas and boys' PJs reach your door, they look amazing!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we decided to pay homage to our Jersey shore roots so our first collection has been aptly named "Livin' By The Salty Sea" and includes the following colors:

Shore To Shimmer (Pink)

Sit Back and Lilac

Ash In The Sand

Love You, Bay

Aloe, It's Me

Sun-Kissed By A Rose

Shore To Shimmer (Blue)

For the safety of your little ones, WB PJs are designed to be snug-fitting, and they meet the flammability safety standards set out by the CPSC (Children's Product Safety Commission). The mission of the CPSC and the flammability standards is to protect children from burns by small open flames (a candle, for example). So SAFE children's pajamas can either be treated with harsh chemicals to ensure they are "flame resistant " OR they can be snug-fitting. We don't like harsh chemicals on delicate baby skin so we chose the tight-fitting route and designed, what we think, are the coziest, softest PJs out there! The standard does require that we attach this banana-sized eye sore to each set of kids' pajamas. But hey, it's for safety. So although it may not be the sexiest tag in the world, it's necessary. 

Next stop was product photography. Really, it's an art. But we had a great photographer and we think they look beautiful!

Last and most fun stop before launch: the photo shoot! We gathered some of the cutest little nuggets to participate in this shoot and they had a blast!

Here's a sneak peek:

The shop will open August 20th at 7:00 EST! Baby thru 24 months sizes will be available for purchase and toddler sizes will be available in the next few weeks! 

Thanks for your support on this amazing journey; I hope you grow to love Westyn Baby as much as I do.

Sleep Tight Little Dreamer.
XO, Tara