Printable Kids' Recipe Books

by Tara Saltzburg June 05, 2017

Hey There,

I love cooking, It's especially fun when you can get the little ones involved.


Sometimes it's like this:  


But other times it's like this:


Either way, it's worth it. Cooking together provides great quality time, plus kids are following steps, measuring, and working on motor skills. 

I love making easy kids' recipes and we thought it would be a good idea to start a cookbook where we can document and organize them! We reached out to our graphic designer and she created not one, but TWO printable recipe books. Let your little ones pick which to use, print it out, and get cooking! 

Check our our "Kid Food" Pinterest board for some fun recipes for kids.

Happy Cooking!

Kids' Printable Cook Books

Recipe Book 1 / Recipe Card 1 / Recipe Book 2 / Recipe Card 2


XO, Tara