WB + Bump Club & Beyond

by Tara Saltzburg September 05, 2018

Hey There, 

I'm so excited to announce that we're now part of Bump Club and Beyond's VIP program! Haven't heard of BC&B? Then you're probably a first time mama, in which case, you've found your tribe! BC&B is a social event company specializing in all things pregnancy and baby. They host tons of baby-related events across twenty major markets. 

Bump Club and Beyond’s mission is to connect moms and moms-to-be with the best products, resources, and experts. Most importantly, BC&B fosters a community in which new moms can meet, connect, and share stories. They produce dozens of premier events each month, reaching thousands of moms, moms-to-be and their families.

Additionally, they host Gearapalooza: The Ultimate Baby Gear and Registry Event, a national tour that brings the best baby gear to fifteen cities across the country each year, along with expertise from none other than The BabyGuy, Jamie Grayson (follow him - I promise you'll smile).

If you have an opportunity to visit one of their events, call a prego friend, give hubby a ✌️and GO! You'll have a blast and score loads of awesome baby stuff!

Now, back to the VIP program:

If you can't make the events, join the BCB VIP program  which gives you access to hundreds of discounts online! Some of their other VIP partners include DocATot, Seedling, ErgoBaby, and Mac&Mia (a personal fave of mine), plus many more! Not to mention, discounts on WB - we offer FREE personalization on any WB product to BCB VIP members!

Join this amazing parent perk program and use code VIPVIP to get 50% off the a one-year VIP Membership!  Not only will you get discounts to businesses like WB, but you'll get discounts on events as well as first access to register for the webinars Fo' FREE! 

Visit their VIP Program to get started!

XO, Tara