Westyn Baby: The Best Eczema Pajamas for Kids

by Tara Saltzburg

Looking for the best eczema pajamas for kids? Me too 🙋‍♀️. As a mom to a beautiful baby boy with eczema, I was always on the lookout for fabrics that would be exceptionally soft, breathable and non-irritating, but I quickly grew frustrated with the lack of children’s sleepwear that focused on the needs of children with eczema and other skin sensitivities.

In short, I said to my son “Pajamas for babies with eczema are nowhere to be found; I think we’re gonna have to create them ourselves”. And he was like “For sure, Mom. We'll start after I nap.'' Just like that, WB was born. 

So what makes our PJs ideal for kids with eczema? Here are 6 reasons you (and your little one) will love WB sleepwear. 👋Sensitive skin, meet your new fave PJs...


1. Exceptional Softness

At WB, our goal is to make the softest baby pajamas and the softest toddler pajamas out there. With our unique blend of Modal and Lycra, we think we’ve accomplished just that! 

Modal has gained popularity in the US over the last few years, becoming a common staple in underwear, shirts, bed linens and activewear products, including the stretch pants you’re likely wearing at this exact moment (Me too, girl. Me too).

Modal naturally presents with a smooth, silky feel and it glides over the skin without rubbing or being abrasive. When it comes to clothing for eczema-prone skin, ultra soft, silky-smooth fabric is a must. Our modal sleepwear is perfect for eczema sufferers because of its exceptional softness and creamy, silk-like qualities.


2. Breathability

Because modal is made from the pulp of the Beech Tree, it’s naturally breathable and cool to the touch. That’s actually pretty important for tiny eczema sufferers.

Why? Because sweat is one of the most common triggers of itch in people with eczema.

To avoid this common trigger, eczema-prone skin should be dressed in lightweight, breathable fabrics, like modal. Modal is cool to the touch and air permeable, which regulates the skin’s temperature and allows it to breathe, reducing eczema flare ups.


3. Absorbency

If sweat does occur, you’ll you want something that will quickly remove moisture from the skin and absorb it. Moisture absorbing materials, like modal, are designed to quickly absorb and capture sweat. Cotton is one of the most common absorbent fabrics used today so it’s commonly recommended for eczema sufferers. But Modal is actually 50% more absorbent than cotton!

4. Tag & Embellishment Free

westyn-baby-tagless-care-labelEven as eczema-free adults, many of us can attest to the irritation caused by an annoying clothing tag! As a child who suffers from eczema, this discomfort is even more pronounced, so each of our garments has the labelling information printed directly onto the fabric. Although stitched or appliqué embellishments are cute, the stiff, scratchy backs of these designs can be very irritating for kids with eczema. Our screen printed designs are a much better option for sensitive skin. Snaps and buttons? Not here. Not only do we prefer a “no fuss” night, but these closures often contain nickel and other components that may be irritating to eczema sufferers.

5. Minimal Seams

Stiff, bulky seams can wreak havoc on sensitive skin, so you won’t find them here! Instead, you’ll find minimal seams sewn with ultra soft thread; a must for delicate, eczema-prone skin.


6. Flame Retardant Free

Our sleepwear is NEVER treated with dangerous, toxic flame retardant chemicals.

Flame retardants have been used for years, especially in children’s sleepwear, as a way to make fabrics flame resistant and protect children against burns. However, research of these chemicals has shown that they may be detrimental to kids (think: increased hyperactivity and lowered IQ). Plus, they’ve been linked to skin irritations, so clothing covered in flame retardants is not ideal for an eczema-prone child (or any child for that matter).



Westyn Baby was founded by me, a mom on a mission, and built on the principle that delicate skin requires extra gentle care. I'm proud to provide children’s sleepwear that focuses on the needs of children with eczema and other skin sensitivities. WB sleepwear is exceptionally soft, breathable, and absorbent. It's free of irritating seams, tags, embellishments, and toxic, flame retardant chemicals, all of which can wreak havoc on sensitive skin.


I'm pretty sure you're gonna ❤️ it.

XO, Tara

If you want to know more about choosing eczema friendly clothing for children, check out “Is this Eczema Friendly?”.

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Tara Saltzburg

About The Author

Tara Saltzburg founded Westyn Baby when her son was an infant battling severe eczema. She was always on the lookout for products that would minimize the irritation and ease his discomfort, but safe, non-irritating pajamas proved difficult to find. Tara started Westyn Baby in 2016 with a mission to create better, safer sleepwear for kids - sleepwear that's exceptionally soft, flame-retardant free, sensitivity-friendly, and durable. Read more about WB sleepwear.

Tara was born and raised at the NJ shore and attended Penn State University, where she played soccer and discovered her love of mountain life. She is a mom of one boy and hopes to eventually have enough kids to form some sort of athletic team. She and her family currently reside in Central Pennsylvania and spend the summers in Stone Harbor, NJ.