WTH is Westyn Baby?!

by Tara Saltzburg

Hey There!

I’m Tara. Entrepeneur, novice-blogger and first-time mom.

My son is almost 18 months old and it’s scary to think about how quickly that time has gone. Now he’s a tiny terror, running around destroying the house and getting into everything he shouldn’t. It’s constant chaos and it’s awesome! WB is my other baby.

I don’t enjoy clothes shopping for myself, but for my son, I’m in. Can’t get enough. Seriously, why is everything so much cuter when it’s small?!


When he was born, I scoured the Internet in search of cute clothing from stylish boutiques and I was okay with spending a little more for quality and comfort. I discovered some great retail shops where I remain a loyal customer today, but I quickly grew frustrated with the lack of comfortable and high-quality boys pajamas. I found myself purchasing cheap PJs — they were ill-fitting, poorly manufactured, and made of uncomfortable materials.

We all talk about sleep — I love sleep, we need to get more sleep, our kids won’t sleep — sleep is so important, but there are very few companies that make kids sleepwear a priority in their clothing lines.

The question that sparked WB was simple — Why are there so many awesome, high-quality brands dedicated to everyday kids’ wear, but not kids' pajamas?

Turns out PJs are heavily regulated by CPSC (Consumer Product and Safety Commission). I won’t bore you with all the details. But the next time you buy children's pajamas (hopefully from WB!) you may notice a horrific yellow tag that says something like “Garment should fit snugly. Garment is not flame resistant". This banana-sized eyesore is actually required by the CPSC and is to ensure proper fit to reduce risk of catching fire. How ‘bout that. #TheMoreYouKnow.

Anyway, I assembled a team of cool mamas, we accepted the challenge and WB was born! The mission: Create amazing kids' sleepwear that keeps children in mind (comfort, fit, stretch) and parents in mind (functionality, quality, durability). We're currently designing our exclusive WB collection for OM-5T and anticipate launch in the next 6–12 months!

We'd love to share our journey with you! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest so we can keep you in the loop. Bonus: sometimes we’re funny/interesting. Plus, our team is really pretty.

Rachel McAdams

We aren’t trying to change the world; we just want to make PJs cozier for the little dreamers that wear them.

Sleep Tight Little Dreamer.

XO, Tara

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Tara Saltzburg

About The Author

Tara Saltzburg founded Westyn Baby when her son was an infant battling severe eczema. She was always on the lookout for products that would minimize the irritation and ease his discomfort, but safe, non-irritating pajamas proved difficult to find. Tara started Westyn Baby in 2016 with a mission to create better, safer sleepwear for kids - sleepwear that's exceptionally soft, flame-retardant free, sensitivity-friendly, and durable. Read more about WB sleepwear.

Tara was born and raised at the NJ shore and attended Penn State University, where she played soccer and discovered her love of mountain life. She is a mom of one boy and hopes to eventually have enough kids to form some sort of athletic team. She and her family currently reside in Central Pennsylvania and spend the summers in Stone Harbor, NJ.