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We have pretty high standards and you probably do, too. Here's what you should know about our products!

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Exceptionally Soft

Our products are comprised of 95% Modal and 5% Lycra which provides superior softness and a smooth, lustrous finish. Modal is absorbent, air permeable, and breathable, making each of our pieces lightweight and silky-smooth.


Modal is a type of Rayon derived from the Beech tree. Although Rayon is not considered to be a totally natural fiber because it's typically processed heavily with chemicals, Modal is an exception. Modal is a registered trademark of Lenzing, which advertises its environmentally-friendly processes based on closed loop systems. In fact, 95% of the production materials used to make Modal are reclaimed, reducing emissions and conserving resources. 


Why is this important? Because tight-fitting PJs are SAFER for kids. Our PJs are designed to fit snugly and they fully adhere to the CPSC regulations for children's sleepwear. Each piece will hug your little one for a safe and cozy night's rest.


Because our PJs conform to the CPSC guidelines for tight-fitting sleepwear, they are not treated with harsh flame-retardant chemicals which can be detrimental to children. Our pieces are also designed without snaps, buttons, or tags, making them "no-fuss" and non-irritating for delicate skin.


We pride ourselves on quality fabric and quality construction, which you will notice in every piece. Our fabric is sturdy and resilient making it less likely to pill or lose shape when washed. It's 50% more absorbent than cotton and more resistant to shrinkage and fading. After all, lots of stuff happens in PJs - meals, teething drool, and diaper blowouts, to name a few. Our products are durable and built for wash after wash.

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Size Chart
WB PJs are designed to be snug-fitting.
0M-24M sizes do run small so you may want to size up! Toddlers are true to size.