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Our Story

We were founded by a mom on a mission to create better, safer sleepwear for her son.

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Westyn Baby Founder & Owner -- Tara Saltzburg

When my son was young, he battled Eczema. Like so many babies, his skin was constantly itchy, and at times, dry, rough patches covered half his body. I was always on the lookout for products that would minimize the irritation and ease his discomfort - gentle creams, chemical-free soaps, and soft, high-quality clothing.

I discovered some great retail shops with gentle, everyday baby clothes, but I quickly grew frustrated with the lack of quality children’s sleepwear. I continually ran into the same problems – they were ill-fitting and poorly manufactured. Worst of all, they were made of uncomfortable, irritating materials and covered in harsh, flame-retardant chemicals.

The question that sparked WB was simple : why are so many brands dedicated to everyday kids’ wear, but not pajamas? After all, kids are in PJs 10+ hours a day!

I quickly learned that children's sleepwear is highly regulated, and for good reason. Creating sleepwear that adheres to the safety standards without the use of harsh flame-retardant chemicals can be difficult, but I was on a mission.

Westyn Baby Founder & Owner -- Tara Saltzburg

To me, bedtime is precious. It’s when cuddles, kisses and “I love you” are given freely and frequently. It’s when I feel closest to my son. Sleep is also precious. As parents, we all talk about sleep — I love sleep, we need to get more sleep, our kids won’t sleep — sleep is so important, but there are very few companies that make children’s sleepwear and safe sleep materials a priority in their clothing lines.

Once I realized that the PJs I imagined were nowhere to be found, I decided to do something about it. I started working with a team, sketching, designing, and choosing fabrics. I focused on the things that are important to me when shopping for my son: quality, durability, comfort, and most importantly, safety.

My hope is that WB is a brand you grow to love and trust for your children and when you see our signature unicorn, you know you've got the best and safest PJs out there. I don’t want to change the world; I just want to make PJs better for the little dreamers that wear them.

Sleep Tight Little Dreamer.

XO, Tara

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