Pregnancy Style: 3 Tips For Rocking That Bump Like a Pro

by Tara Saltzburg

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The “Stylish Pregnancy” has become a buzzword these days. With celebrities toting around the itty bittiest of bumps and looking fabulous, it leaves one wondering, how do they do it? Lots of boring food and hours at the gym? Probably, but we don't subscribe to that. Luckily there’s a pretty fail-safe formula that if followed, will have you rocking that bump like a pro.

Tip #1: Blogger Stalking

It’s not technically stalking if they put their whole lives on social media, right? Mommy bloggers are the best way to steal awesome pregnancy looks in a pinch. Here are a few to follow on Instagram for that #bumpstyle:

@uptownwithellybrown – This 2x boy mom (soon to be 3x) is uber-relatable and stays true to her southern roots with stylish comfy looks.

@nicosolovely – Her dreamiest-of-dreamy boho style will have you stocking up on every caftan you can get your preggo hands on.

@ellabrooksblog – This SoCal mama to three littles serves up some serious fashion inspo. Even though she’s not currently sporting a baby bump, we’d steal her style any day of the week.

Tip #2: Shop ‘Til you Don’t Drop

No one said shopping for maternity clothes would be easy, and most new moms have no clue where to start. You think, oh, I’ll just pop into one of those maternity stores in the mall, only to be underwhelmed by the lack of fashion choices. Not to worry, there are still some awesome mainstream and underground brands out there who’ve totally got you covered. Check them out in order of price point:



Rachel Pally

Rosie Pope

 2 pregnant women



Audrey and Olive




Black maternity dress



Liz Lange for Target

Old Navy



Liz Lange striped maternity dress

Tip #3: Stretch That Wardrobe, Mama

It’s safe to say you probably already have an abundance of tops, skirts and dresses that can be stretched to fit your growing bump. Sure, you may need to supplement with the maternity basics (jeans, shorts, leggings, tanks, etc.), but that oversized chambray top you scored at the Who What Wear for Target collection will do just fine and fool everyone along the way!

XO, Tara

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