Our Commitment To Safety

Did you know that over the last three years, close to 170,000 children's sleep-related garments were recalled in the US for failing to comply with federal safety standards? Yes, 170,000 garments!

At Westyn Baby, our primary concern is the safety of the children wearing our PJs. We're committed to adhering to all federally-mandated children's sleepwear guidelines. We're proud to say that our PJs have been rigorously tested at a third party laboratory to ensure compliance with all children's sleepwear regulations, including those determined by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission AND Health Canada. For everything you need to know about the safety standards, check out Snug Fit Pajamas: A Guide to Flame Retardants and The Children's Sleepwear Regulations.


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Two piece sets are designed to be snug fitting.
Our sizes run small. Please consult the chart below before ordering.


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