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We have high standards and we're sure you do, too. Here's what you should know about our sleepwear!

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Flame Retardant Free

The use (or non-use) of flame retardants is a BIG DEAL, because, well, they're not exactly great for kids (or anyone, for that matter). In fact, flame retardant chemicals have been linked to increased hyperactivity and lowered IQ. Many children’s PJs are coated with these toxic chemicals, but we NEVER use flame retardants in our products.

Sensitivity Friendly

Flame retardant free is a good start, but sensitive skin moms rejoice! Our PJs are also perfect for skin sensitivities because: our pieces are carefully designed without irritating tags that tend to wreak havoc on delicate skin; our seams are so minimal and soft, they’re barely noticeable; and irritating (for both you and your little one) snaps and buttons? Not here.

One ecstatic mom recently shared:

“These PJs are like magic - he only ever sleeps through the night when he's in them! He's deaf in one ear and has sensory issues and tighter, breathable clothing without tags is what he prefers. I'm not sure if it’s because the material is so smooth and airy but the seams never bug him and he actually cries and fights me in the morning when I try to take them off!"

Exceptionally Soft

Founded by a mom and built on the principle that delicate young skin requires extra gentle care, our PJs are constructed from a unique blend of 95% Modal and 5% Lycra, providing superior softness and a smooth, lustrous finish. Modal is absorbent, air permeable, and breathable, making each of our pieces lightweight and silky-smooth.

Safe (CPSC Compliant)

Did you know that children’s sleepwear is highly regulated in the US? In fact, In 2017 alone, over 50,000 baby and children's sleepwear garments were recalled in the US for failing to comply with federal flammability standards. At Westyn Baby, our primary concern is the safety of the children wearing our PJs. We're committed to adhering to all federally-mandated children's sleepwear guidelines. We're proud to say that our PJs have been rigorously tested at a third-party laboratory to ensure compliance with all children's sleepwear regulations, including those determined by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada. If you’d like to see our third-party issued “Certificates of Compliance” visit our CPC request form


We pride ourselves on quality fabric and quality construction, which you will notice in every piece. Our fabric is sturdy and resilient making it less likely to pill or lose shape when washed. It's 50% more absorbent than cotton and more resistant to shrinkage and fading. After all, lots of stuff happens in PJs - meals, teething drool, and diaper blowouts, to name a few. Our products are durable and built for wash after wash.

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