Why Tight-Fitting Sleepwear?

by Tara Saltzburg April 29, 2018

Hey There, 

I've said it before and I'll say it again ICYMI. In 2017, over 50,000 baby and children's sleepwear garments (think pajamas, robes, and rompers) were recalled in the US for failing to comply with federal flammability standards. That's a staggering statistic. 

I often get asked about the children's sleepwear regulations. What's the deal? Why is kids' sleepwear so highly-regulated? What's so great about tight-fitting sleepwear? I know. It's Confusing.

If you want the in-depth version of the regs, take a look at our Commitment To Safety. If you want the CliffsNotes, I've got ya. Here it is in a nutshell 🥜:

The Regulations

  • Children's sleepwear is highly regulated by the CPSC  to protect children from burn injuries that could occur if they were to come in contact with small ignition sources like a candle, lighter, or space heater (Yes, this happens. A lot).
  • Per the standards, children's PJs sized over 9 months must fall into one of two categories: Loose-fitting (which must be flame-retardant) or tight-fitting.

Loose-Fitting Garments

  • In order to make loose fitting PJs flame-retardant, they're treated with harsh, flame-resistant chemicals (or they're made of an inherently flame-resistant, uncomfortable material, like Polyester). 
  • These flame-retardant chemicals can be detrimental to children and have been linked to increased hyperactivity and lowered IQ. They can also irritate delicate skin.

The Benefits Of Tight-Fitting Garments

  • Tight-fitting garments DO NOT require the use of toxic, flame-retardants because they’re made to fit closely against a child’s body.
  • Tight-fitting sleepwear DOES NOT ignite easily and, even if ignited, does not burn readily because there is little air under the garment to feed a fire.


Tight-fitting pajamas are the the SAFEST option for children over the age of 9 months - they'll hug your little ones for a safe and cozy night's rest. 💤


It's worth noting that these requirements are for children's PJs sized over the age of 9 months since children under this age are insufficiently mobile and unable to expose themselves to an open flame. For more on sleepwear standards for babies, visit Infant Sleepwear and the CPSC Standards.