Ditch The Diapers: 5 Signs Your Toddler Is Ready For the Potty

by Amanda Caswell January 28, 2018

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Whether you’re at the park or in line at the grocery store, you’ve probably heard parents with toddlers of all ages talk about potty training. These conversations are enough to leave a parent anxious about if they are starting their own child at the right time. The truth is, toddlers start potty training at various ages, and a child must be both physically and emotionally ready for potty training for it to be successful. The following are some signs it may be time to ditch the diapers.

1. Your child can talk and has mastered basic motor skills such as removing clothing and climbing. These skills are essential before they can use the toilet by themselves.

2. Your child is able to control his/her bowel and bladder muscles. Signs of this control are noticing your child is having bowel movements at the same time every day and having a dry diaper for at least two hours at a time.

3. They are interested in using the potty. Most children are physically ready before they are emotionally ready. So they must be willing to listen and cooperate with you in order to succeed.

4. They no longer want to sit in a wet diaper. If your child tugs and pulls at their soiled diaper and wants it off because it is uncomfortable, she may be ready for potty training. They know they would rather dispose of their waste immediately than wait for you to change them.

5. Your child doesn’t resist. If your child is in the “no” stage and resists using the potty, then they probably are not ready. This is a normal part of potty training, so try to not get too frustrated. It is best to stop and resume once they are more receptive to the idea.

While some children are potty trained very quickly, others take longer. Remember every child is different, so be patient and know that the reward of not buying diapers anymore is definitely worth it!

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