We're WB. Nice to Meet Ya!

by Tara Saltzburg

Hey There!

If you haven't picked up your first set of WB PJs yet, we get it. We're a new brand and building trust is hard. For all you know, we could take your money, put it in our petty cash fund and skip off to Fiji, all while you wait for a unicorn-adorned package that never arrives.

But we won't do that for two reasons:

  1. We're moms and you probably are, too. So you know that any petty cash goes toward Target purchases we don't really need and shiny new toys to entertain our kids while we attempt to grocery shop.
  2. We have an awesome product and we want to share it with you!

So let's get through this awkward first date...

Hey, we're WB. Nice to meet ya!




Founder & Creative Leader

Loves: Diet Coke | Italian & Mexican food |  A good find at TJ Maxx | 90s music | Naps while it's raining | A well-stocked fridge
Hates: Cilantro (and she will vocalize it. A lot.) | Being late | When people misspell "definitely" | Walking outside barefoot
  • Former college athlete
  • Dances only after cocktails
  • Most organized scatterbrain you will ever meet
  • Extremely awkward in front of a camera
Favorite Quote: One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. -Arthur Ashe




Operations Manager & Customer Service Extraordinaire 

Loves: Family movie nights | Chipotle & cheesecake, in that order | Rainy days | Netflix
Hates: Disorganization | Not being prepared
  • Boy Mom
  • Better passenger than driver
  • Oldest of four
  • Likes to clean her house because it relaxes her 😲
Favorite Quote: Life's too short to buy green bananas.




Office Administrator & Wearer of Many Hats

Loves: Sushi | Reading | Napping | Fall | Pandora N*Sync station | The word "plethora" | Dancing
Hates: Bad grammar | Bad drivers | Books/Shows/Movies with no closure | Chaos
  • Struggles without routine
  • Plays the piano
  • Laughs a lot
  • Always has a backup plan for her backup plan
Favorite Quote: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. -Benjamin Franklin (but learned from Pops)




The Guy Next Door Who Helps Us Move Heavy Things

Loves: Creativity | Variety | Following Dreams | Nature | Family
Hates: Heavily-scented laundry | Traffic  
  • Has lived in a different place every year since 1997
  • Held & learned from 34 different jobs
  • Favorite place to be is on top of a mountain
  • Can quote almost any movie / song from '95 -'05
Favorite Quote: To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. -Dr. Seuss




Blog Contributor

Loves: Southern lemonade | Bluebell ice cream | Fall fashion | Texas Longhorns | Musicals | Family vacations in Italy/Sicily | SoCal weather | Hubs and kiddos Garrett (4 yrs) & Charlotte (2 months)
Hates: Drama | Not getting enough sleep (#momlife) | Motion sickness | Flying
  • Former ballerina
  • Voted "Most likely to be famous" in high school
  • Started off as a Theatre & Dance major
  • Lived in both NYC & LA, but raised a Texan
  • Loves blogging & personal styling in "non-mommy" spare time
Favorite Quote: Regret something you did, not something you didn't do. - My late dad


We can't wait to hear moreabout all of you!

XO, Tara 


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Tara Saltzburg

About The Author

Tara Saltzburg founded Westyn Baby when her son was an infant battling severe eczema. She was always on the lookout for products that would minimize the irritation and ease his discomfort, but safe, non-irritating pajamas proved difficult to find. Tara started Westyn Baby in 2016 with a mission to create better, safer sleepwear for kids - sleepwear that's exceptionally soft, flame-retardant free, sensitivity-friendly, and durable. Read more about WB sleepwear.

Tara was born and raised at the NJ shore and attended Penn State University, where she played soccer and discovered her love of mountain life. She is a mom of one boy and hopes to eventually have enough kids to form some sort of athletic team. She and her family currently reside in Central Pennsylvania and spend the summers in Stone Harbor, NJ.