Families Who Nailed Their Halloween Costumes

by Cammeo Murray

Over the years, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with out-doing myself on Halloween. Maybe it’s because my birthday is just a few days before, and Halloween is like my own personal holiday party. Or maybe it’s just because the little girl in me can’t pass up the opportunity to play dress-up. Either way, once I got married and could con my unsuspecting husband into dynamic-duo costumes – things started to snowball. Then, I had my son and it was as if my love for Halloween reached a whole new level. Dress up a tiny human to look like an Ewok? Yes, please. Thank God I totally saved that DIY Ewok costume I’d been hoarding on my Pinterest board for years.

Ok, I realize not everyone has been bitten with the “Halloween bug,” and figuring out a costume for the whole family, let alone yourself, might feel daunting. Not to worry, because I’ve gathered a stellar roundup of fellow bloggers and friends who will give you major inspo for those last-minute Halloween party invites. I even have a few ideas for the expecting mama. So get out there and have a ghoul ol’ time!

Princess Leia, Han Solo & Baby Ewok

– Cammeo Murray @cammeomurray


Family of Owls

– Tanya Thomas-Thorpe @katesonkids


Firemen & Dalmations

– Nicky Schwartz Coscas @nickyrosekids

Mother of Dragons (GOT)

– Erin Mueller Foster @elmbeach


Wizard of Oz & Pregnant Pumpkin

– Christi Rehrer @rehrer_moments


Football Player, Referee & Football

– Jessie Shriber @modernblocks



102 Dalmatians

– Sarah Hatfield Nichols @sarahnichols123




– Nicole Banuelos @nicolebanuelos



Peter Pan, Hook, Crocodile, Wendy & Tinker Bell

– Diana Feijoo Blinkhorn @mrsblinks



Toy Story

Keri Harron @kharron15


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